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Company History



Bountiful Harvest was founded IN 2004 by, Mrs.Oscar Keye Johnson using her vision to see education mixed with workforce development aimed at those from disadvantaged backgrounds, those who do not have immediate access to job opportunities due to skill-set challenges.


The people we Aspire to help are those who would normally be overlooked for jobs because of limited experience and skills which has caused them to face many struggles in their lives. It’s our goal to provide jobs, increase their work experiences, through building and Sharpening skills, produce sustainable growth in families economic stability and community relationships.


BHI implemented the following reoccurring events held in the Quail Run CIA, Missouri City, TX from 2006 - 2011 having been successful in their own right using gift cards from local merchants, donations from local residents, board members and Founder.

Family Night

Student Recognition Luncheon

Harvest Festival




DBA - 5 Star Mobile Detailing services was established in 2013 for the purpose of raising Capital to implement the “Workforce Development “component designed for creating real time jobs to increase Families Economic Stability.

Six Contractual employees were hired for using a Customized Van to service fifty five customers obtained over a 2-yr period, of which Ten were repeat customers requiring service every week or every two weeks. (See Sample Photos below)

Weakness? Receivables could not be controlled with payments for services being collected in the field. Therefore, 5 star Mobile Detailing Services was closed in 2016... DBA name legally abandoned and changed to "BH Branded Products and Services in 2017. 

Research shows that the Car Washing Industry value was 23 billion in 2011 as reported by (ICWA) Intl. Car washing Association. Other factors, included Number of Jobs provided, Retail Sales activity, and consumer trends of electing to have their cars washed by a professional Washing facility increasing from 48% in 1994 to 77% in 2019.

Based on these facts we are pursuing this lucrative market by engaging in dialog with a Manufacturer of Free Standing Automotive Car Care centers.  

This New Methodology is being pursued for implementation of the "BH Hands Up" Empowerment component which is the Core Funding Arm for the program.


This dream has been delayed, but not denied. We are still researching, unpacking, grinding away, pursuing opportunities to reach our goal